Mission & Vision

Our mission is to make IT and Business Services affordable and accessible to Businesses Globally.


Monthly.Digital Value Pyramid: At Monthly.Digital we believe that business is a byproduct of our alignment with the greater good for all of humanity. We believe if we accomplish our mission, without compromising on our values, we will not only accomplish our Vision but also have fun and live a fruitful life at the same time. We continue to progress in the right direction, we have built what we call the "Monthly.Digital Value Pyramid™, and that's our MVP

Monthly.Digital Pyramid

People >>>>>>>>>>>>Business Owners
IntegrityBusiness >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Opportunity


Monthly.Digital faces opportunities to find solutions to challenges, whether in house, with our clients or partnerships. The model that we use to tackle and navigate big decisions is through our MVP - Monthly.Digital Values Pyramid.


Our MVP emphasizes the power of one person. One person in the company, regardless of title and position, can make a difference with lasting impact. Each one empowered to have a voice to express and be heard. That is why we believe “We” is more significant than “Me.” The voices of many are and can be the filter that brings clarity in how we work together to deliver the best value to every client.


We value quality over quantity and our main aim here is scaling while maintaining the highest standards, executing systems and processes while we grow. When we strive for quality, it is not at the cost of growth, but the quality is what allows us to scale our business and our clients.


We see that what's more critical is everyone's viewpoints are covered instead of valuing the number of views and optics.


“Conversions" for our clients is the goal over having more "clicks" and optics—the implementation solutions we offer and execute aims to increase speed plus growth. ROI is our goal with each of our clients.


All of our decision-making processes value business far higher than technology. What that means is that we take the emphasis from technology to bring clarity and focus on the improvement of our client's business. Technology then becomes only the enabler. It enables companies and their people to execute better to achieve higher.


As we partner and work with businesses from around the world. We don't see business owners as business gains but as people. We place great value on the human factor. We desire to gain personal relationships at a professional level for Monthly.Digital.


Every decision we make will be on the foundation of integrity and not business Opportunity. We position and advise our clients with the solutions they want that best suit their current economic capacity to grow.


This MVP has governed Monthly.Digital Technologies for the last five years since its inception. The MVP is the tried and true filter for making every decision big or small. The MVP is the driver as we move to phase two of our growth in the next five years and so on. These are the values that will continue to shape company culture as we grow to add value to many more industries around the world.

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